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Zeolite Hemostatic First-Aid Kit

    IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is designed for individual soldier self and mutual rescue in the most valuable 10 minutes of battlefield treatment. It has the functions of hemostasis, binding, creating nasopharyngeal airway, auxiliary fix, pain relieving, anti-infection, etc.

    There is Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze inside the kit, and it is waterproof and flame retardant, easy to carry and use, suitable for variety of locations. It is the necessary First Aid Device in individual combat.

    Customizable: IFAK contents can be selected by customer, major items as below:

    (1) Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze or Zeolite Dressing

    (2) Hemorrhage Control Bandage

    (3) Israeli Battle Bandage

    (4) Tourniquet (with mark pen)

    (5) Nasopharyngeal airway and lube

    (6) Compressed Gauze

    (7) Scissors

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