Night vision
Jerry-F Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
Yantai IRay Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact:Chunlong Chen / Huiping Jiang
Mob: 13780971537 / 15589543876
Address:11th Guiyang Street, YEDA, Yantai 264006, P.R.China

Jerry-F Enhanced Night Vision Goggle combines I² and thermal

imaging technologies to make up for the shortcomings of the former

in detecting targets, suitable for a wider range of applications. With

corresponding sighting tools, the FOV and the reticle of the sighting

tool can be precisely matched to the image of Jerry-F, so as to realize

the fast capture and concealed aiming of the target.


Rapid Target Acquisition / Multiple Fusion Modes Switchable / Low Power Consumption/ Extra Large Exit Pupil Diameter (15mm)

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